"2D Floor Plans are an essential marketing
tool in the property industry"




A floor plan is now considered an essential document for landlords and estate agents. Floorplans can be used in a wide variety of marketing methods in brochures, particulars and websites.

A floor plan provides the client and staff with a visual layout of the property without having to visit the property, with detailed room size aspects. This will save both client and staff vital time not carrying out viewings that do not meet the customer’s requirements.

They provide an ideal way to quickly and accurately convey relative room sizes and features of a property and to see potential developments that could be done on the property.

It has been proven that Floor Plans assist in the sale and let ability of a property, with consumer surveys showing a large majority of home sellers believe that a professionally produced floor plan will help them to sell or let their home faster and a large percentage of buyers and tenants think floor plans are essential before looking at a property.

In previous years, agents and landlords  have only provided photographs but floor plans are fast becoming a minimum requirement when marketing a property. We pride ourselves in providing high quality and accurate floor plans.