Why do you need an inventory?

A quality and thorough inventory has never been more important in today’s environment.  In April 2007, the Tenancy Deposit Scheme was introduced to protect landlords and tenants against deposit misuse.  It is now a legal requirement for all landlords to secure any deposits paid to them in one of the approved deposit schemes. 

Failure to do so will not only mean that you will lose your case against the tenant, but will also mean you can be fined three months rent payable to the tenant and a prohibition upon the landlord preventing the eviction of the tenant.

Tenants have increasing power to challenge deposit holdings for damages they may have caused. As the deposit is now protected, the landlord will need evidence to prove that the property is damaged, has missing items or has been left unclean.  Many landlords lose disputes with tenants at the end of a term because they cannot prove the state of the property or its contents at the commencement of the tenancy. A recent article by The Indepedent found up to 1 in 5 landlords have had disputes with tenants.

The safest and most effective method of documented proof is a professional inventory, prepared by a trained inventory clerk who specialises in ensuring landlords properties are protected. 

What does it consist of?

Our inventories consists of a highly detailed and accurate list of contents, the fixtures and fittings, and schedule of condition throughout the property. This will include things such as doors, ceilings, walls, light fittings, carpets, curtains, smoke detectors, sockets, cupboards, and radiators. In addition, defects, stains, chips, and general cleanliness will be recorded. Any furniture remaining in the property that belongs to the landlord will be included and its' condition clearly recorded. Fresh Property Solutions uses digital photography to ensure many pictures are taken of the property and any useful items or damages to aid in the description and precisde recording of the condition of the property.

How are tenants protected?

After receiving the inventory, tenants are advised to go through it thoroughly and have one week to return a signed declaration form to us, declaring that they agree with the inventory and schedule of condition. Any small details that might have been missed are able to be listed by the tenants on this form, which are then added to our records and sent to the landlord for theirs.

Who keeps the inventory?

Three copies of the inventory will be printed out in full colour or they can be emailed in PDF form. A copy goes to the tenant, the landlord and one is stored for our records. We also keep a digital copy of the inventory for any needed re-prints at an additional cost.




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