Check In

Following on from the preparation of the inventory, we can offer a tenant check-in at the property. We will meet the new tenants at the property with their new set of keys. At the check-in, we will ruin through the inventory findings with the new tenants and ensure they are happy with the condition of the property at the time of moving in. The check-in is important to provide an overall condition of the property on the day of move-in which can then be easily compared with at the check out of the property. It is a clear and easy way for tenants to see what state the property will need to be left in at the end of tenancy without going through the long inventory itemisation. It also gives us a chance to answer any questions from the tenants and aids a smooth move  into their new home.

Our check-in will take into account the condition of:

  • Cleanliness: Professionally or domestically cleaned.                           A checklist of bathroom and kitchen fixtures and their cleanliness.


  • Carpets and flooring: An overview of condition and note if the carpets have been professionally steam cleaned.


  • Windows: Clean to inside? Clean to inside and outside?


  • Lighting: A note if any bulbs at the property are not working.


  • Garden: If the garden is tidy or needs tending.


  • Decor condition: Newly painted? Some marks?


  • Beds and mattresses: Any marks and stains?


We will also take a picture and list the keys handed over, so there is no confusion or misunderstanding about the keys at the end of tenancy. Meter readings for the water, the electricity and the gas for the property will also be taken and photographed for records to give to energy providers to notify of the new tenancy.